Transcript of Videotape Series Session 7 of 12

Beyond Human -- The Last Call - Session 7 (60 Min)

Welcome to our seventh session. These are going on and on, aren't they? If you noticed on the double exposure at the beginning of today's program, two students are working with me again today, serving as teleprompters or helping me fill in the parts of the big picture that I might leave out. Let's just get going and start with the first question.

Student: Who was speaking when Jesus said, "I will come again"?

Do: Boy, that's a big question. A picture comes in when that question is addressed that is monumental. We must address that question. Who was speaking when Jesus said...or another way to say it, who was saying, "I will come again"? There are a number of reasons that that issue is so important to us as we anticipate His return, or our Father's return - because we want to be ready and we don't want to make the mistake of wrong identity. I believe that in an earlier tape we discussed that you might be disappointed if you are anticipating some spacecraft coming over the Mount of Olives or someplace in the Middle East or in the Israel area, and it hovers there, or it rests over that mountain, and an individual steps out and comes down through the air with a flowing white robe and flowing long hair, looking like the picture that artists have depicted of Jesus and shows his scars and says, "Here am I, Jesus." Now I believe we've said something that some of you certainly could respond to negatively, or feel that it is blasphemous for us to say. I'm afraid that would be a trick that Lucifer, or Satan, would pull to have you satisfied with something that you're anticipating. Well, what did Jesus say? Not only did Jesus say, "I will come again," He also said, "if someone says that 'I'm over here,' or if 'He (Jesus) is over there,' or 'He's hidden there,' or 'He is on this mountain,' don't believe him." Well, what will we do? One says, "I'm coming again," and another one says, "If somebody says that He's there, don't believe him." So, how do we understand that? How do we put that together? Well, I'm going to skip to something that we're dealing with right now in our classroom and in our preparation of these sessions for you.

Yesterday we taped Session 7 and Session 8, and you heard me a moment ago say, "Welcome to our seventh session." We're re-recording 7 and 8 because I felt that in addressing Ti and asking Ti in the night, "There was something wrong with one of those sessions. What was it? What was wrong"? Around 3 am or before, the picture began to clarify in my head. I certainly feel that it was my Older Member clarifying it, helping me see that "I" had come in to the picture in an issue that we brought up in the seventh session. Therefore, it was necessary to do the seventh session over again, or it was certainly our choice to do it, and we chose to do it because we don't like to be off track.

We've talked about, before, that when I comes in, then I can lead astray. When I comes in, if it's I, Do, or if it's I, this vehicle, or if it's the word I being used and it is something different from what my Father, my Older Member, would say through me, then I'm off track. Now what was it that we did that we considered that was worthy of our retaping those sessions? I want to explain that to you now, because it hurt me. It meant a lot to me that I could so easily go astray and not realize it. What happened was that on that seventh session, I shared with the audience some of the overcoming experiences that this vehicle had experienced, some of the addictions that it had had in the world, and some of the difficulty it had had in overcoming those addictions, thinking - and I guess that was my trouble - that by helping you see some of the things this vehicle had dealt with that it might assist you as a possible overcomer to not think so poorly of yourself if you might have had those same addictions to deal with or similar ones to deal with. And yet it was made clear to me in the night, that for me to slip into a position where I am addressing something that this vehicle or even this soul might have dealt with, is to separate from my Older Member. When I separate from my Older Member, at the same time I separate from my Older Member's Older Member. I separate from our Heavenly Father. I separate from the Kingdom of Heaven.

Anytime I comes in and it's an identity, and my mouth is being used, and I'm discussing something that is unique to this vehicle, or unique to Do, or unique to whatever name tag was placed on this soul prior to its existence, even when identified as Do, then for the time that I am discussing that identity, my Older Member, my Heavenly Father through my Older Member, is not speaking through me because that was not the truth for them. If I speak of something in my past that was not my Older Member's past, then I am separate for the time that I am discussing it. I'll try not to repeat myself too much here, but maybe I need to continue to repeat in order to try to help you understand the complexity of this issue and the importance of this issue.

We discussed a little bit how in a sense we're all mediums. There are two minds that can flow through us - the mind of our Father's Kingdom, and the mind of Satan's Kingdom - and we try to sort it out. We try to move more so that only the mind of our Father's Kingdom is speaking, or certainly get into the percentages where the majority of that mind that is speaking is from our Father's Kingdom. And then slowly we identify more and more what is not of our Father's Kingdom, and we abort it, and we abort it, and we separate from it.

A very key issue in separating from what is not of our Father's Kingdom and destroying identity was pointed out to me in the night, in this particular lesson that we are experiencing, of how I went awry. For me to remember and relate to - even if I did it in my own head and did not voice it - something that this vehicle experienced or that Do experienced, or the individual that this soul might have been labeled prior to Do, is to separate from my Father. My Father cannot say through me, "at one time my vehicle experienced this...." I don't know what my Father's vehicle experienced. So, who's talking? It's obviously not my Father. It's not my Older Member. It's not my Older Member's Older Member. It's somebody else, and therefore, for the time that I am identifying with that, then it is not my Heavenly Father, my Older Member speaking. I am not a vessel - I am a separate identity.

When Jesus tried to tell them that the Father speaks through Him, and that He and His Father are one, He was trying to help them understand this same process that we're discussing right now. And I'm so glad that it was pointed out to me and I was reminded how easily I can get off the track in that way. Now, if I am going to abide by the rules of overcoming, one rule that is addressed in overcoming is: when someone begins an overcoming task as a student of overcoming, we leave the past behind. Whatever we have been is left behind.

We see clearly that we have to go a step further than leaving it behind. We have to actually forget it. We have to be unable to remember it. If in truth when Jesus told his disciples that when you have acknowledged something and you have asked forgiveness for your separateness, that the slate is clean, it is wiped, it is no longer there. If it is no longer there, then I can't remember it. If the slate is really clean, it is not there. If I remember it and dredge it up, I bring it back, I relate to it, and for the time I'm relating to it, I am separate. I am certainly not a vessel, and I am identifying with my past. In a sense, I'm almost triggering old responses, turning on old addictions. Now that may be an exaggeration, but the possibility exists. That's the reason it's so deadly for a student of overcoming to reflect on their past or reflect on what they have gone through - reflect on their addictions.

So, serving in the function as a teacher or even if these students serve in a function as a teacher for you in the future, they don't want to know your past. They want to know nothing of what indulgences you have had. And they will encourage you to not only put it behind you, but to make a point to erase it, forget it. If you believe them when they say, "Don't identify with it any longer. It is not you. I don't want to know of it," then why should you want to know of it? I mean if my Older Member, my Heavenly Father, my Older Member's Older Member says, "I don't want to know of it! It's not me. If you want to identify with it, then for the time you are identifying with it, you're knocking Me out of the picture," then why would I want to cling to it? Even now I feel that we haven't adequately covered this, and I hope that we can come back to it.

In the early manuscripts of religious material the names of members of our Father's Kingdom were secret. They were unspeakable. They were just identifying positions that only they knew and understood because they did not want to have names. It's also associated with what we will talk further about as crew members, because when we are a crew member, we don't want to be unique. We don't want to have or need special attention or need special scheduling. We want to only be a cog in the wheel. When I say only - a cog in the wheel is a very significant item when you're in our Father's Kingdom serving as a member of a crew. But I'm afraid that I would be suspicious of anyone that would come and say, "I am Jesus, here I am." And Jesus warned them of that. He said, "Don't believe it if anybody says that they are me." That should make us recognize, oops, He's not going to come identifying Himself as that individual. He's going to come as He tried to do before - identifying only as a vessel, or not identifying at all, but merely being a vessel, and therefore only His Father is speaking. Only His Father can speak those things that are true, and would represent His Father's experiences.

Now that doesn't mean we need to ignore all that Jesus experienced, because much if not most of what Jesus said and Jesus experienced was His Father speaking. Let's say, for example, if Jesus made reference to being the son of Mary and Joseph, or "this is my mother," was that the mother of His Father? Was Mary the mother of His Father? No, Mary wasn't the mother of His Father. So, for the moment He made that reference, it was a vehicular reference, it was not His Father speaking. Therefore, He was, for that moment, less than a vessel. I'm not criticizing Him. I do that more than He did it, I would imagine, and I am learning. Look at what just happened to us, we just simply had this lesson within the past 24 hours. It was only this morning that this lesson was clarified to me so much. Ultimately, if I have your eye at any point on this vessel, even identifying with Do, then I am not succeeding at becoming a pure vessel. The test of whether or not I am able to be used as a vessel, or if my Father is being able to use me as a vessel, is if something is coming in or coming through, or behavior is happening that is not the same as could be applied to my Older Member or my Older Member's Older Member or our Heavenly Father, or on up the line.

This is a lesson we can't think enough about. It's so valuable to us because it's the key that opens the door to what is potentially ahead for us as an avenue in returning to our Father's House to become sons, to become servants. Because sons in our Father's House are not into, "I'm Tom, I'm Jim, I'm somebody else." We're not that. That repulsed me a little bit what I just did, because if I'm ever sillier than or if my mannerisms set me apart and they're separate and they are not what my Older Member would do, then I am being less than a vessel. I am cluttering the information that could come through for your sake and for my sake.

Identity...The closer we get to a significant position in our Father's Kingdom, the more enlarged or magnified the danger is in the slightest degree of separateness. That's what happened to the soul that was in our Father's Kingdom that was called Lucifer. He still had separate identity. Now, I can remember that the information had been given to Ti previously that the standard in our Father's House is being raised (I can speak of this as history, of coming through Ti, because it was our Father speaking through Ti when Ti said this - I feel that it was). Because of the Luciferian experience, or because of that Son going awry as he did, the standard is being raised. It's being made more difficult to get into our Father's House. It's being made more difficult to be a good crew member - less likely, less able to go astray.

There's so much that I can't understand from where I sit, because even playing the role of teacher and a vessel with students and potentially with more students, relatively very little information is funneled through that Teacher role. Because only the information that is funneled can be helpful. Any information that seems to come through that can't be helpful in the overcoming process might have earmarks of being separate or unnecessary information, and I don't feel that our Father's Kingdom sends unnecessary information. That's what happens when questions come up that have relatively no significance, no real relationship to our overcoming. We can get into theorizing about things that might go on in the heavens that really have nothing to do with our overcoming. And we can play the game of exploring a little bit, but it opens the door to possibly listening to other voices or letting self come in, and/or playing the game of "what if" or guessing what it might be. I know that at times we, Ti and I, have guessed. When we do guess at questions that the students might ask, we try to say, "We don't know. We're guessing. It hasn't been clarified to us." And ultimately, after discussing it for a moment, we usually say, "We feel like it really isn't important; it's of no issue here to your overcoming." What is shared is so limited - we know so little of that Kingdom.

But what's interesting here is another question that I know is on their list and I'll mess up their order of questions a little bit by going into it, but it's the question of faith vs. proof. Scientists frequently in this human world say, "I will believe what I see. I have to see it to believe it. I can't accept this religious concept of believing something on faith or just because it's some legendary concept or religious concept. I believe what I see." And yet, how many times have the astronomers rewritten their history books because they thought they had seen things that meant so and so were the facts and only to later find out that what they had seen didn't mean that, it meant something else. And then later to only understand that even that was off, and have to continually rewrite their books, even though they are the ones that say, "I believe what I see." You don't know what you see when you see it. We can all misjudge what we see. We think we know when we see something.

Now, faith is an interesting thing. We discussed a little bit before the session began, of this question of faith and proof, and I asked, "What are those scriptures that people refer to in that faith hypothesis or thought"? And the student said, "Faith is the evidence of things unseen," and went on to say something more. And then another one on that same topic said, what was it?

Student: Well, I thought it was, "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word." Is that it?

Do: The word of God. That's right. Okay, let's discuss that a moment. Faith is evidence of things unseen. We can stop right there. Evidence. Evidence sounds like something that humans use in the courtroom as proof, a significant enough proof that if there's enough evidence, then someone can say, "That's the fact. It merits a verdict of guilty," or whatever it is, based on evidence. As we relate to the Kingdom of Heaven, they don't let us know about them on the basis of what they show us, even though what we see and what they do show us (if we can in our own thinking give them credit for it), we see evidence of their magnificent plan in their design. I can't imagine that any human surgeon who has dissected the human body could think that that could just be a happenstance of nature. Nature? I mean, where is the proof in what nature came from? Just a happenstance in evolution of what? That doesn't make sense. And I'm not saying that our Father's Creation doesn't also have certain aspects of evolving. But we do have evidence of things that certainly seem to have some relationship to minds beyond the human concept. It's pretty obvious that humans didn't create humans at their beginning, that it had to be a result of something. And to think that they were a result of a "big bang" or some "happenstance" is pretty far-fetched. Even though I can imagine that if there was a bang, then it was because the Creator did a bang, and knew at that bang exactly how to have it all end up with the evidence of things that we could actually see. But as we try to get closer to our Father's Kingdom, the funny thing is, He seems to have designed it so that we have to get there more on a basis of faith.

Now, if faith is evidence of things unseen, a good example of that would be: as we are fed information concerning the workings of the Kingdom of Heaven and the workings of overcoming, the more that picture grows and grows and grows, and begins to just amaze us and astound us, because these intricate pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together in that picture, and soon that picture is so magnificent, so beyond anything we could have dreamed of, that it is evidence of things unseen. Therefore, it is proof to us. We don't need to base proof on what we can see, and the reverse occurs. Let's say that in our Father's Kingdom they also might use pieces of transportation that we might call spacecrafts, or advanced forms of spacecrafts, that certainly humans wouldn't have the capacity to build or use. And a human might have witnessed seeing that spacecraft and say, "I saw that," but he wouldn't necessarily know what he saw or what the source of it was. And yet within our classroom, and certainly this teacher sitting here can say honestly, "I don't remember seeing a spacecraft that clearly, even though there's something in the remembrance of it there and so much information has been shared with me that I seem to know, beyond a doubt, that in our Father's Kingdom they use physical means of transportation in those spacecrafts." I guess what I'm saying is that we seem to know more about the reality of something we haven't seen than someone who has seen it. So, the basis of faith works.

Also another way of looking at that same issue is that you can't get closer to our Father on the basis of what you have seen. Our Father does not give you proof. I don't remember what session we discussed this on or if we've discussed it before, because now I could easily be confused since we're replacing Sessions 7 and 8 and doing them again. But we discussed at one point how an Evangelist had said, "If Jesus did not literally, symptomatically reach death that could be diagnosed as that by any living physician today, that He died on the cross and He was in that tomb, He was dead and He rose literally from the dead, and He moved and He was alive - if that did not happen then all that Jesus said was a farce." And we said, "That's ridiculous." That all information that we have says, "that's ridiculous," and that it has very little bearing on what Jesus had to say. Does it matter if Jesus even staged that event to try to symbolize overcoming death, or that when the vehicle dies, death is not reached, trying to help people understand. I'm not saying that that's what happened. I doubt that that's what happened. I don't care what happened. But I do know one thing, that it does not matter to us. It does not matter to my Father; it does not matter to the Kingdom of Heaven. We certainly wouldn't base whether or not we believed what Jesus had to say, what He taught, on whether or not He, in reality, could be diagnosed as dead and then diagnosed as living. It doesn't make anything that He had to say prior to that less true. We know that everything He said was true. That everything that His Father said through Him was clearly describing the Kingdom of Heaven and how to overcome humanness. 'If you're going to be My disciple'...and 'you can't even be my disciple if you don't even leave your whole life behind. I mean leave it, I mean give it up.'

We're back to where we were talking a few moments ago - about identity. If I have truly given it up, then I am not that anymore. Because as I came into His House, or I came into my Father's house through Jesus, then the slate was wiped clean. If it was really clean, it's nonexistent. And I will bring it back and I'll have to wipe it clean again if I refer to my vehicle's past. I'll have to ask for forgiveness all over again. I've re-instigated something that I said I was no more, that I acknowledged was not in my Father's thinking, and I asked to be cleansed, and was cleansed, and then I insisted on bringing the dirt back into the tray again and presenting it again. Now, the same is true right now, and we've just been reminded of it, that identity stands between us and our Heavenly Father's Kingdom. If, ideally, in our Heavenly Father's Kingdom all those members are like branches off of a vine or off of a trunk and leaves off of branches, then all of those leaves and all of those branches emanate from the Source - not only emanate from the Source but are that Source speaking.

We can clearly see that possibly the further a leaf is from the point of origin of life at the trunk, that that leaf might have less function as a vessel than a leaf that's closer or a branch that's closer. That certainly would be true if we are newcomers into our Father's Kingdom and we're going onto a family tree that's different from the family tree in the human kingdom, and we are simply a leaf and we are at some distance from, not only the trunk, but the beginning of the trunk - we can't even understand the beginning of the trunk. To try to understand, for a human to ask, "Well, who created God"? is as appropriate and as intelligent a question as for a dog to be able to verbalize, "Who created man"? If you told the dog who created man, could he comprehend it? He certainly couldn't comprehend it. And if the Creator told us of His beginning...? There probably isn't even a concept at the beginning that could be labeled a beginning. The concept of beginning probably was only an applicable term at the beginning within the range of comprehension of our own beginning as potential children to return to His household - servants, to return to His household. Therefore, we're going to be babes in His household, brand new leaves. Those leaves are going to be just as physical as they are in the human kingdom, but different biology, different molecular structure, different capacity, different mind, different behavior. Many aspects of behavior that happen in the human kingdom, mainly because of what the human kingdom has become, aren't even available to happen there. That's why these things are inappropriate, because if they aren't done there and we recall them or we're thinking of them, then we're pulling ourselves back into a past that does not exist in our Father's Kingdom.

So really, as we move into that Kingdom, we have to more and more whack away at totally severing from the past. Now if we really sever from, there is no "memory" of that past, so then we live only in the present of where we find ourselves in His Kingdom - babies, with a whole new World. We've destroyed the past. I mean, wouldn't it be appropriate at a new kingdom level?

Let's play the scenario that maybe even upon entering the human kingdom (I'm not saying this is true, but the scenario works), that a spirit might have come from a less-than-human kingdom as it entered. But wouldn't it be true that when that spirit reached the condition we would identify as the human kingdom, it then would have - if it was going to function in that kingdom - no recollection of anything prior to that? That would be its beginning. It would be a fresh beginning. It would be a babe in that Kingdom, or fresh beginning.

Now, the spirit can observe the animal kingdom, and if it wants to, it can go backward (if this scenario were true) and try to behave as an animal, even in pitiful ways that animals might behave that would even be beneath most human's concept of how a human at its lowest point should behave. The point is made here that when we enter that Kingdom, if we do it according to instruction, we're going to have a clean slate. Our past is gone. We've got to believe Him when He said, 'You lay it on me, I'll wipe it out.' In other words, we don't believe Him if we don't wipe the past out. He wants to wipe the past out. So, if we insist on hanging onto the past, who's responsible? Can we say, "Well you didn't wipe it out. You said you were going to." He says, "As far as I'm concerned, it's wiped out, I've forgotten it. I don't want to know your past." So, if you want to remember it, if you want to cling to it, that's your problem. Okay, let's proceed. What's next on our list?

Student: Well, did you want to talk more about the Essenes?

Do: Yes. I asked the students to bring them up because I remembered in a previous session a mention of Essenes. And I think the only reference that was made to the Essenes was in the context of relating that some modern Essene group (that I'm afraid that I can't even put in the category of the real Essenes) said, or I had heard or read that they had participated in stimulating their sensuality or their sexuality, as some Eastern religions teach, in order to come into enlightenment or to have the kundalini turned on, or the "flame of knowledge," or whatever, which is an abomination! It's a counterfeit. I think we discussed it's a poor counterfeit or a facsimile of how when you have overcome your physical or reproductive nature altogether and it's behind you and you don't relate to it, then you're no longer drunk by that drug and you can perceive information that comes to you, and much higher knowledge, and therefore you can reach up to it.

But back to the Essenes. The reason we are re-discussing this is because the application that is more appropriate for that term "Essene" can be used as we relate to hidden groups that existed in the Middle East in Biblical times. More particularly, there was a group of Essenes that supposedly resided in the area of Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls came from. They were (as far as a group is concerned that might be existing between times that our Father's Kingdom comes in an incarnate condition) trying as hard as any group on the face of the Earth to become pure and to rid themselves of their human nature and to try to get closer to the Kingdom of God. The Essene group that I'm referring to is an esoteric group of Orthodox Judaism. There have been books written that Jesus spent His unknown years, or some of his early years before his ministry with that Essene group. And whether that is true or not, it's of no significance to us. The possibility exists that that could have been used as a stepping stone. But my point in bringing it back is because I wanted to correct what I had said and not have you think that we think poorly of that group. As far as groups of believers and efforts of discipline within the human kingdom exist, we'd have a hard time finding a group that would be working harder at trying to be pure and to overcome aspects of this world, and to be more ready. And as far as I'm concerned, if souls are cycled back into the human kingdom at the appropriate time that members of our Father's Kingdom are there, maybe you at the other end of that camera were in that Essene community at one time. Maybe you were with Jesus at one time. If you know His Heavenly Father, you know my Heavenly Father. You know the same knowledge He gives to me to share with you, or, that He uses my instrument to express to you. And our purpose for being here is to serve those that have returned in order to complete their overcoming, to do the last little polishing up of areas that maybe are still awry and need some correction, and present them to our Father's Kingdom. Where the human kingdom was wiped out, obliterated, they could start fresh - clean plants ready to serve in a new agenda as crew members that functioned only with the tasks that are of the concern of our Heavenly Father's Kingdom.

Excuse me, what's next on our list of questions?

Student: How do I identify which God I am praying to?

Do: This is an issue we need to discuss. You say, "There is only one God." And yes, that's true. But believe it or not, there are other individuals who say, "I'm God," just as we've discussed that there are some individuals who would say, "I'm Jesus." Does it not make sense that the camp in opposition to our Father's House would spend most of their effort trying to rob those souls that know that their rightful heritage is through the Judeo-Christian heritage? And there Luci's camp would say, "This is where we need to work if we're going to keep those souls from getting into that corporation that really is not aware of the reality of cosmic consciousness and universal mind. They're more aware of just becoming vessels, and just being a part of a vine, and not really having the opportunity to develop and become rightful 'gods' of their own." That vernacular gets kind of mixed up and kind of crazy and dangerous. So, how do we test in our prayers and in our meditation who we're praying to?

There are some prayers that might be appropriate for those who are not in the position that some of you might find yourself in, or that these in this classroom might be in. Because once you're in the possible condition of wanting to make a transition from the human kingdom to our Heavenly Father's Kingdom, at that point our Father expects you to be in a position of saying, "Your will, not mine" about everything - and of saying, "I only want to be an instrument of Your desire. I only want to serve in the function that is of Your concern. I want to overcome everything that is of my concern or anything that is separate." Someone in the human kingdom who has not reached that condition yet, might sincerely pray to our Father's Kingdom, unaware that someone outside of our Father's Kingdom might jump in and answer their prayers, particularly if they are praying for something that is of the human kingdom - praying that their mortgage might be met, or that they have more money so they can get a Buick instead of a Plymouth, or they can get a Cadillac next time instead of a Ford, or whatever the values are. But if their eyes are upon their physical needs rather than saying, "You know what our needs are, but I know that I need to ask You to supply our needs, then I need to examine if I think they aren't supplied when I've asked you - then I must have a misconception of what our needs are. We need to re-examine what our needs are, because You do take care of our needs."

I'm afraid that Lucifer has control of so many of those so-called leaders in the Christian world today and wants to get the rightful heirs of our Father's sonship, of our Father's Kingdom, off the track. He would certainly turn their eyes if he stands half a chance. And one way he can do it is to say, "Our Father's Kingdom wants you to have fine things and have wealth and have all of the physical benefits. He wants you to live a good life. He doesn't want you buying into this: 'you must be in sack cloth.'" A lot of that's true. But don't forget that Luci is so close to the truth in the things of his counterfeit. I mean, they are almost believable. You'll have to look at them under a microscope to discover that they're counterfeit. But Luci's camp would have those people try to tell the Christians who are trying to get closer to their Heavenly Father that, "ask for your financial needs and He will supply them." You don't know that He'll supply them. Who are you to say, "Ask Him for your financial needs"? He said ask in the way that you're saying, "Thy will, not my will, You know my needs, and if I'm looking to You, I must trust that You will supply my needs if I'm looking to You." So, it's a dangerous proposition.

Where were we? Remind me of the question again.

Student: How do I identify which God that I am praying to?

Do: We may have pretty well covered the question, but it wouldn't hurt to spend another minute on it. As far as I'm concerned, I'm in a position that has been commissioned as a teacher, to serve as a vessel, as a teacher for those designed to get into our Father's Kingdom. So, I can't really speak with much clarity or authority as to what others should be doing who are not interested in getting from here to there. But, if you're interested in getting from here to there now, in this lifetime, in the next few months, between now and the end of this Age (and we don't know if that's going to happen within the next year or when it's going to happen), if that is your concern then, as it is our concern, of getting back into His House, literally and physically....

We don't anticipate that we are going to lose these vehicles - though we know that if we lost them and our slate is clean, and we have overcome the world, we've lost nothing. We could still go to wardrobe in our Father's Kingdom and get a nice new suit that didn't even have that old kind of plumbing, and didn't even have those characteristics that were still going to have to fade away. So, does it really matter if we take this vehicle into that Kingdom, because they come and we are in their midst wherever that is - whether they are here or we are there doesn't matter. But if we are leaving the human kingdom and entering our Father's Kingdom, in a sense, our Father's Kingdom (or Heaven) is wherever our Father is and Representatives of His Kingdom are.

Where our Father is, and Representatives of His Kingdom, I'm afraid could also mean we would see the physical characteristics of their presence. We would see vehicles unlike human vehicles, except still the same image - that have arms and legs and stand erect and have beautiful countenances. We don't know exactly the particulars, but we know that they would be in a vehicle that was for all intents and purposes indestructible, even though it could be lost and it could be replaced easily. But whether or not we take this vehicle into that Kingdom and they put us in their lab and they zap it and it's changed over to one of theirs in the twinkling of an eye, or if we lose this one before they come and do that, and we get one out of wardrobe, it's the same difference. What's important is: how fast have I overcome the world so that I don't need to return to the human world. Therefore, I am in a position, if my slate is sufficiently clean as they judge it, that I don't need to return. I'm in line for one of their vehicles whether I get this one changed over in a laboratory or whether I lose it right before their laboratory comes and they pull one out of their wardrobe that they have prepared for me and has my name on it, because it jives exactly with my station of growth. Don't confuse the issue of a name as identity in that place, because from their point of view, it's merely labeled to get a match, so that it would work for me.

You can be in the same mindset that we're in - that we anticipate entering our Father's Kingdom soon. We feel that what has been shared with us can shorten the days of the elect. If you have come here from our Father's Kingdom to finish your overcoming, then you know what we're saying is true, and you'll be waiting and craving to go full throttle in finishing that off, knowing that there is a short time in which to do it. Because of the time that we have had in preparing our lab and preparing our heads in our own overcoming, and because of what we have learned, the picture is so clear and it is so big to us and so much has been shared with us. Because in the time that we were doing it, it was a slow process, getting one item at a time. But now we see those items and we can see them clearly, and we can share them with you. Therefore, the Next Level through us sharing them with you, can shorten your days to such a brief span, in that sense, for the elect their days are shortened.

The "elect" would mean that you have been picked to finish your overcoming. You could say, "Oh boy, I placed such a 'high falootin' interpretation of what the elect is, how could I be one of the elect"? Well, if the Next Level picks you, don't question it. Let them be the ones responsible for that. I mean, look what they've picked. We can't take the credit for anything in our own overcoming. They've given it to us. They've fed it to us. If they hadn't fed it to us a step at a time, we couldn't have done anything. They did it. They gave us the ingredients, by our asking and by their choice of giving, so that we could be recipients of overcoming. So, if you are one that is prepared for overcoming, then you are as lucky as we are lucky and can receive their gift, and we want to serve in that way. We certainly don't want to interfere, and we were learning that we could interfere by turning on something that could cause you delay in that process. I'm so thankful that it was shared with us so that we can avoid sharing certain experiences we have had that might delay your overcoming process. If anything, we're just as concerned with your days being shortened as you are, because we're so eager for this task of ours to reach completion. It becomes fearful for us to think of the time that it might take, but we're not going to listen to that fear.

There's that 10-second card and we're at the end of this session. We hope that Ti has spoken through us.

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